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I am professional designer and artist with passion of creating products that I love myself and my friends. So happy to share my products with all of our customers. -Hallie

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Hello, my name is Hallie. Similar to many of you, I am a self-taught baker. After gathering delicious sounding recipes from various internet sources throughout, I learnt to bake everything from the humble homemade baguette, light flaky croissants, birthday cakes, fancy pastry, and the delicate treats such as macarons. As I gained skill and experience, coupled with feedback from my “official taste testers” (aka my husband and children), I discovered that a secret to fabulous cooking and spectacular baking begins with the ingredients. As simple as it may sound, the use of high-quality ingredients, is an absolute must in order to produce exceptional results. 

As you too may have discovered, I’ve found it increasingly challenging to find products that do not contain preservatives, filler, or additives; chemicals intended to make an ingredient look a certain way (example, artificial coloring) or to have an extraordinarily long shelf life. These additives are not only unnecessary, but they also have a negative effect on our health. 

With a background in chemistry, and a desire to create a product both superb in flavor and without harmful additives, I created Hallie’s Handcrafted Vanilla. My 100 % pure vanilla extract has only two ingredients: Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans and 90% proof Vodka. You’ll find this vanilla to have a sweet and rich aroma, with a flavor that is both creamy and complex. Hallie’s Handcrafted Vanilla can be used to provide exceptional flavor to anything from pastries, ice cream, desserts, protein shakes, coffee, and premium cocktails. However, the use of my pure vanilla extract is not limited to desserts and beverages. Expand your culinary horizons, and elevate savory dishes such as Coq au Vin and glazed pork tenderloin to new heights by adding our vanilla extract. 

Most of all, I hope you enjoy cooking and baking with my vanilla.

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